You’ve read about my use of arnica in a couple posts now on my facebook page…here’s a bit more information about this great homeopathic remedy.

Arnica montana is an alpine plant which thrives in open landscapes and the huge sunlight of high altitudes.  It is battered by the weather and hooves of wildlife and it bounces back.  Prepared as a homeopathic remedy, arnica’s healing capacities mirror it’s natural state.  It can help people bounce back after almost any injury, with special affinity to large muscle injury.

Arnica montana is one of the most widely used homeopathic remedies, often offering the user a first experience in homeopathy.  It’s a good place to start because it can be helpful in such a wide range of situations, including the following:

**Large muscle injury such as sprains, strains, tears and overexertion of large muscles.

**After dental work or surgery, arnica can help your body reduce inflammation, bruising, bleeding and pain.  I work often with folks having knee and hip replacements and arnica makes a dramatic difference in these four areas.

**After the falls, bumps and bruises of an active life…it can help your body heal itself faster!  One of the first seminars I attended when I was a homeopathy student was presented by a medical doctor talking about her experience using arnica for folks with traumatic brain injuries.

**Arnica helps take away that “hit-by-a-truck” feeling that you might experience after an accident or injury.

And remember, arnica can be used very successfully with all the pets in your family too!

You can find arnica montana in just about any health food store.  I’ll write more later about dosing and potency but get in touch if you’d like more specifics sooner!

Meantime, play safely!